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Gerasimos Zacharatos

Deputy General Secretary (of Tourism)

Prof. GERASIMOS ZACHARATOS – General Secretary of Tourism

Gerasimos A. Zaharatos, Professor Emeritus of Tourism Economics and Administration, University of Patras.

Graduate of Rhodes School of Tourism and of Heidelberg Hotel School, Physics in France, Economics and PhD in Germany.

His academic and scientific route includes the following:

From 1983 until 1993 he worked as a scientific researcher at KEPE (Centre of Planning and Economic Research in Greece), where among other things his scientific duties were: a) Scientific Coordinator of the program of Regional Scientific Partners of KEPE placed in the country's Prefectures in the decade of 1980 to support at the time the Country’s Regional Development Program and b) Scientific Director of the applied program for the development of tourism in the Lake N. Plastiras, where during the whole process of application, he was declared honorary citizen of Agrafa (at the decade of 1980).
He has been:
• Lecturer at the Institute of Regional Development, Panteion University 1984-1990 where he designed and introduced, for the first time, in the University, training courses concerning the relationship between tourism and economic / regional development.
• Professor of Tourism Economics and Administration of the Department of Business Administration of Aegean University from 1987 till 2001.
• Founder and first Director of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Programme of "Planning, Management and Policy of Tourism" of Aegean University.
• Founder and first Director of ETEM (Laboratory for Tourism Research & Studies) in Aegean University.
• Professor of Tourism Economics and Administration of the Department of Business Administration, University of Patras from 2002 until his retirement.
• Director, at the time, of the newly established Postgraduate Studies Program of University of Patras called "New Principles in Business Administration".
• Founder and first Director of "Research Laboratory and Tourism Satellite Account", University of Patras, which is the only Research Institution in Greece of this kind as well as of university level.
• Member of the Committee for the initial planning of the Graduate Studies Program of Management of Tourism Enterprises of EAP (Greek Open University) and has served, since 2006 until today, as Member of SEP (Associated Educational Staff) for many years, Academic Officer and Coordinator of Thematic Area.
• He has taught at the Tourism Department of National School of Public Administration.

Among various professional activities, regarding tourism sector, he has worked in various hotels in Greece and abroad. He has also served as Scientific Advisor on Tourism issues, Tourism Policy and Hoteliers at the following institutions: Ministry of National Economy, EOT (Greek National Tourism Organization), XEE (Hellenic Chamber of Hotels) and POX (Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers), member of the board of XENIA S.A. (XENIA HOTELS), member of the board of O.A. (Olympic Airways), member of the Board of ASTE (Advanced Schools of Tourism Education) and member of  the Board of S.A. XENIA of EOT/GNTO, member of  the Executive Committee of ITEP (Institute for Tourism Research and Forecasting), until recently General Director of ITEP.

Scientific Director and Coordinator in numerous European and National Studies and Research related to all aspects of tourism phenomenon, as well as Author of numerous articles and books concerning all sectors of the International and Greek tourism problem, such as tourism education, tourism research, tourism design and economic effect of tourism development. But most important for him, as an essential part of his work, is to focus on the settlement of national accounting and statistical issues concerning incoming tourism in host countries.

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