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Konstantinos Loulis

Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development

Konstantinos Loulis

Konstantinos Loulis was born in 1955. He lived in Volos, where he finished elementary and secondary school. He is a graduate of the Swiss technician mill school of St. Gallen.

In 1975 he took over the management of LOULIS MILLS SA keeping up the family tradition that started in Epirus in 1782 for the 6th generation.

In 1979 he built the first mill in Greece with new dry wheat cleaning technology and a completely zero solid, liquid, gaseous wastes.

In the 90’s he built, with the same perspective four model flour mills in the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania) and bread production units, pasta units, biscuit factories and chain of 100 private stations, acquiring the largest share of the market and employed 4.500 people. These plants were the largest Greek private investment in these countries. The amount of total investment, for the purpose of those, reached 250 million euros.

During 1989-91 he was Governor of Autonomous City of Mount Athos.

In 1990 he acquired the oldest daily provincial newspaper in Greece, THESSALIA, which he modernized (the first electronic print version in the country), quadrupling its circulation.

During 1992-1994 he was a member of the Board of Greek National Airways (Olympic Airways).

From 1998 to 2008 he was a member of the Economic Committee of the Church of Greece, chaired by Archbishop Christodoulos and members of three Metropolitans, while in 2003 he was appointed Head of the Radio Station of the Church of Greece for two years.

Since 2004 he has been honorary Consul of Holland in central Greece (Thessaly, Epirus) and Chairman of the Legacy Louli in Ioannina. In 2007 KINGSTON University granted him an honorary doctorate.

In June 2010, he handed over the management of the Loulis Mills to his son, Nikolaos, having raised the volume of milling output from 12.000 tons to 650.000 tons per year.

In 2016, the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi named him the Founder and Grand Benefactor of the Monastery. In 2017, the Ark of the World declared him the Great Benefactor after the donation of his two residences in Volos.

In the Municipal Elections of May 26, 2019, he was elected, with 6.162 votes, the first Municipal Councilor of Volos.

He has published three books regarding history, environmental problems and stamps.

He is married, is a father of five children and grandfather of five grandchildren.

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